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You don't have to sell products to be in business! Or, maybe you own a brick and mortar store and are lacking that online presence? Doctor? Lawyer? Virtual Assistant? Life Coach? You get the idea! And, if you're reading this, then you are the idea!

Suga Pink Designs is happy to provide informational boutique style web design in both plain html and CMS formats. If you're just getting started, and still unsure of which CMS would work best for your needs, feel free to contact us with your hopes and dreams of website functionality, and we'll see if we can steer you in the right direction.

Your options:

When it comes to informational websites, you have several options to make sure it fits your needs. Let us list a few of the ways we can make this happen, and the differences between them:

CMSMS- We LOVE CMS Made Simple!  It's a great platform for smaller informational businesses that need to have a way to update information regularly, but don't need all the fuss and clutter of a more feature-heavy system.  Doesn't hurt that it's open source/free software, either!

HTML- A straight html site is not for the faint of heart, but it may be just what you're looking for! If you're planning on running some type of script on a part (or parts) of your website, you may need to bring it all together with html. Or, maybe you only need a page or two of content and you're comfortable with html. Either way, we love it, and we're happy to design something gorgeous for you!

Packages and Price:

Depending on your needs, and which method you choose, the cost for custom boutique informational web design starts at $650.00. Since every project is different and your needs may vary from our other clients, we like to take the individual quote approach to all design requests.

We welcome add-on's to all projects. To get started, request your own free, no obligation quote. To expedite your quote, and confirm that you are getting an accurate price, keep the following in mind when contacting us:

    What you like, and why.
    If you require any additional software and/or print design add-ons
    Which method you plan to use
    Who is your hosting company
    What you hope your website provides as far as functionality
    If you will require any modifications to your software or codes
    If you are interested in hand drawn elements or scrap kits being incorporated into your design

We're ready when you are! (subject to waiting list- click here to see our current schedule!) So let's get started!