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A logo is one of the most important things a new business can invest in. Your logo will be seen on all your marketing materials, products, website, fan pages, billboards (dream big, baby!)- so it's important that it is a unique and positive representation of your business!

Logos are tops when it comes to having fun and being creative around here, so we can assure you that you'll get just what you've been dreaming about!

Logo designs are sold in two tiers:

Simple, and complex.

A simple logo design will include typography (or text) and easy to create graphics like circles, squares, stars- or similar. A complex logo includes hand drawn elements, complex typography, etc. If you're unsure about which would work best for your needs, contact us with some details and we'll let you know where you fall!

Logo designs start at $125.00-$250.00+

All logo packages come with:

    2 rough draft proofs and a reasonable number of edits on one chosen proof until you are in love
    The final is released in both .png and .psd formats, and vector where applicable

Interested? We're ready when you are! (subject to waiting list- click here to see our current schedule!) So let's get started!